cold-clip-art-cold-weather-clipart-1-280x250.6Cold weather is here.If you have not already done so now is a good time to make sure your autos heating and cooling systems are working properly.

A good way to check your heating system is to turn it on high and run it through all heating vents (floor,defrost and dash etc.) If you notice that your heater is not doing a good job heating the car you should try and find out why. One cause of your heating system not working could be low coolant. Of course  the easy fix for low coolant is to add more,but that is only a temporary fix. Your auto should not be loosing coolant ! It is best to figure out where the coolant is leaking from. A few possible problems are that maybe causing low coolant are, a leaky radiator cap,a cracked hose or water pipe.These are problems that should not be ignored coolant is a vital part of the cooling system. If you suspect any of these issues we can help you diagnose and fix the problem.

If you notice that you heater is very loud when running the performance test do investigate more. This loud noise could be that you blower motor is not working well. Take the time to have your heater box inspected. The heater box may have leaves, sticks and other outside garbage in it causing the blower motor to work harder . If your car is parked outside or parked near ivy or other shrubs you may also have critters trying to nest in your heater box. As the cold hits the small critters are looking for warmth and nothing better then a a warmed up car to nest in.

Cold weather who needs A/C now? Why recharge you A/C now? During the cold months your A/C is still needed to help defrost your windshield by taking the humidity from the air.  We can inspect and recharge your A/C if it is not working properly.

For the health of your car it is highly recommended to have your heating and cooling systems inspected and  basic services such as coolant flushes and refills.