A full service at Ruppels is great way to have your oil changed and have your car inspected for other maintenance needs . Our technicians care about your safety and take pride in the work they do. When a full service is preformed on your car there is a check list of safety inspections that is gone through. Our technicians will inspect:

  • Your tires for proper inflation , including the spare tire.
  • Wear on your tires, are they wearing unevenly are they getting bald/unsafe.
  • Tire rotation is done.
  • Brake inspection, measure the pads, check rotors and inspect the brake system hoses.
  • Brake fluid levels and color is it dirty or clean.
  • Inspect the universal joints.
  • Inspect mufflers/pipes.
  • Inspect shock absorbers for leaks.
  • Inspect idler arm /steering linkage.
  • Inspect drain plug.
  • Inspect transmission/differentials levels.
  • Inspect wiper blades.
  • Inspect and test cooling system.

    full service

  • Inspect power steering.
  • Inspect and test battery/terminals.
  • Inspect filters /air emission/fuel.
  • Inspect PVC valve.
  • Inspect Hoses/Belts for cracks and leaks .
  • Inspect and test all lights.
  • Inspect and test emergency brake.


Buying a used car?

If you are looking to purchase a used car we can do a pre purchase inspection. This inspection is very similar to the full service inspection but will also includes attention to the car’s frame. Sometimes a car may look great on the first glance but there can be damage that you may not see . We can put the vehicle up on the rack and get a better look of the undercarriage . This way we can check structural damage , visible leaks and anything else that you may not see when the car is on the ground.