How We Work

Here’s what to expect when you bring your vehicle to the Best Japanese Auto Repair Shop

Friendly Service right from the beginning: Our advisor will take your information and note the service or repairs needed. We will provide a price estimate or we will diagnose the problem and provide you a price quote as soon as we know what repairs will be needed.  All service and repairs will be performed only after consulting with you.

Repair Process: Unlike many other shops, we have one technician take care of your car from start to finish; from the initial test drive (if necessary), courtesy check, diagnosis, repair or service and final test drive. Each certified technician is responsible for the complete process and ensuring that your car has been serviced and repaired.


Burlingame’s Best Japanese Auto Repair Shop serving the entire Bay Area offers a myriad of vehicle repair and maintenance services and packages such as the following:

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Engine repairs
  • Brakes service
  • Cooling system service
  • Buyer and safety inspection
  • Engine and body electrical repairs
  • Steering and suspension services
  • Transmission and clutch services
  • Timing belt and chain replacements
  • Drive trains and CV axles services
  • Exhaust system service
  • . more