rain-cloudSafety tips for driving in the rain.. are you ready? After years of drought with very little rain it is good to review these tips for driving in the rain.

According to the CHP ( California Highway Patrol) one of the major factors in rainy day accidents is speed. Slow down !.

When the roads are slick  add extra distance between your car and the other cars on the road. With extra space this will help you avoid having to slam on your brakes. Apply brakes slowly  when stopping. If your brakes are making noise or you know you need to have them repaired have the work done before the rain starts. If you are not sure about your brakes wecan inspect them for you

It is also important to drive with your headlights on when it is raining. So before you hit the road do a quick check to make sure all your lights are working.

Check your wiper blades .After the summer heat your wiper blades can get dry and brittle and may not perform properly when it is time to clear the rain off your windshield.

Rain or not it is a good idea to check your tires now and then. Is there enough tread on the tires or are they looking bald? With worn tires  it is hard to get good traction especially when the road is wet. Is your tire pressure light on? Take  the time to check your tire pressure or have someone do it for you.