Service A for Mercedes Benz

Here is what we do:
  • Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • High-quality Fleece Oil Filter replacement
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Set tire pressures including spare reset tire pressure monitoring system (if applicable)
  • Brake inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • All fluid level checks and corrections are dependent on factory-recommended service intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.
Here is why we do it:
Keeping your Mercedes-Benz automobile in top condition and maintained according to factory requirements involves more than a quick lube and an oil change. At this service, we inspect and clean the air filter, which protects your engine from harmful foreign particles. As gasoline and air is used in your engine, it passes through a filter and a series of injectors. If these components became dirty and clogged, this would lead to poor performance and decreased fuel economy
We also recommend replacing the dust filter, which prevents harmful contaminants from entering the interior of your vehicle when functioning properly. Next, we inspect your fuel lines and connectors for any damage or wear, and we check your fuel tank vapor vent system, hoses and fuel tank supports.
Exhaust pipes, mufflers and hangers are inspected for cracks, deterioration or damage. Additionally, your brake lines and hoses need to be inspected for cracks or damage, and your tires checked for uneven wear. These are all preventative checks designed to keep your Mercedes-Benz on the road and trouble-free.