Buying a used car? what should you look for before you purchase the car. Here are some tips for buying a used car.

First figure out how much you want to spend. Narrow down the type of vehicle that will best fit your needs. Do your research. If you have specific make and model in mind look on line for any information you can find out about the vehicle. Look for recall information, see if there is a lot of searches re problems with the cars you are looking at. Check consumer articles for the car you are contemplating purchasing ,check the blue book value, and it is a good idea to check out the vehicle history reports or other consumer reports available . Keep in mind when looking at the car  history reports they may not contain a complete history of a car.For example if fender benders and accidents are not reported to DMV or if the parties decided  not to go through insurance for repairs these accidents will not show up on the history.

Time for a test drive… listen for unusual  noises , check the dash for any warning indicator lights. If there is an indicator light on  do your research do not be fooled by being told it is a quick fix.  Always have any dashboard indicator lights checked out by a auto technician.Test drive the vehicle at different speeds, go over bumps and see how the car rides.

What to look for during the visual inspection . Look for any miss matched paint , dents ,damage ,rust  on the vehicle. Check all the tires are they all the same brand? Do the tires look worn unevenly. Open all doors test all power locks windows do they all work? Look under the hood and trunk for any damage . If the car has been sitting for a while check to make sure no critters have chewed wires or left  droppings. Check for factory stickers on the inside of the doors, under the hood are they original, look the same?   Check the belts hoses and fluid levels .

Ask the seller for any of the mechanical history they may have on the vehicle. Keep in mind that if you are buying a car from a private party or a dealer you can always request to take the car to your mechanic for a pre- purchase  inspection. If the selling party is  hesitant to let you take the car for an inspection that is a good sign  not to go further with the negotiations.

The car may look good on the outside but that does not mean it is in good running condition. After years of being in the auto repair business we have learned that some people keep their cars looking pristine inside and out but unfortunately do not keep up on the proper vehicle  maintenance . If you are thinking of buying a used car  get you car into our shop for a Pre-purchase inspection !